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Whatever psychological problem you might be facing, I got you covered.


People with mental health conditions often find psychotherapy very helpful. The type and length of your therapy will depend on your personal situation and insurance, and your therapy may be part of an overall treatment plan that includes medication or other treatment options.

Talking with a verified and licensed therapist or counselor like me can help you deal with thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals, past experiences and other areas that can promote your recovery. Of course, talking with a therapist about personal issues can be tough, but it can help you come to grips with problems in your life. It can also offer an emotional release and a sense of really being heard, understood and supported.

Therapy can help you to:

  • feel stronger in the face of challenges
  • change behaviors that hold you back
  • look at ways of thinking that affect how you feel
  • heal pains from the past
  • build relationship skills
  • figure out your goals
  • strengthen your self-confidence
  • cope with symptoms
  • handle strong emotions like fear, grief or anger
  • enhance your problem solving skills

Parent Coaching

You can keep on hoping things will improve magically someday, or you can begin to start working the work. Respectful parenting strategies build strong relationships with your kids and help you respond with confidence – even when things are challenging.

Discover the missing gaps in your parenting goals.

If you had a magic wand to just instantly create the desired change in your family, you would have done that a long time ago! But you don’t. And I am sure you’ve read tons of parenting books and tried every suggestion you’ve come across – the truth is, it takes a personal connection to help you identify your triggers, work through the options, and make your parenting hopes and dreams a reality.

Receive professional support and encouragement from someone who’s been there.

I am a mom to 3 kids, so I know the system inside out. I also know how it feels to parent through aggression, anxiety, sibling rivalry, and meltdowns. Like you, I love my kids with passion, but from time to time, frustration, confusion, isolation, and worry sets in. We are all imperfect parents!

As a plus, I’ve helped hundreds of children, teens, and parents around the world manage mental health concerns, improve communication, and find positive, respectful solutions to the ups and downs of living in a family. My background in mental health helps me put your child’s behavior in context, identifying “typical” stages of development vs. behavior that may be a sign of a more complex issue.

Life Coaching

Do you need guidance in navigating life changes, such as having a baby, getting married, or changing careers? Do you have high levels of stress, difficulty breaking bad habits, lack of fulfillment in life, and/or dissatisfaction at work? Would you like better work/life balance, less fears, enhanced satisfaction in life, and/or stronger relationships? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, life coaching may be for you.

Life coaching is NOT therapy and is not for people looking for treatment for mental illness. Life coaching is designated to help you gain great fulfillment in life by clarifying your goals, identifying any road blocks in your way, highlighting your unique strengths, and developing strategies in order to achieve life lasting change.

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