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Elizabeth Schnobrich

Psychologist and parenting coach based in Minnesota.

My name is Dr. Elizabeth Schnobrich and I currently reside in Minnesota. I have a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. Over the years, I have developed an integrative approach utilizing a variety of techniques, which goes a long way in the diagnosis and treatment of my clients. I look at each client as an individual and tailor my approach to meet their unique and distinctive needs.

In my 13+ years of experience, I have worked with different clients from all around the world and this experience has helped me develop deep insights and practical solutions to the various problems people face in today’s society – either in their personal or work life.


I have been a licensed practicing clinical psychologist since 2006, and a member of both the American Psychological Association and the Society of Personality Assessment. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Communications from St. Olaf College in Minnesota and earned my Doctorate in Psychology from the College of Clinical Psychology at Argosy University: Twin Cities.

Professional Career

My professional career has spanned the globe. I have worked in a variety of settings with a multitude of different clients. I provided individual and group treatment to military children and families on Misawa Air Base in Japan. I worked in South Korea with children, adolescents, adults, and families, conducting therapy and also doing evaluations utilizing a full battery of psychological testing. I spent two years on the East Coast, working in a private practice in northern Virginia and on the campus of George Washington University in Washington D.C. In Virginia, I provided psychological testing and therapy to clients. Most recently, in Nevada, I spent two years developing my own practice, where I provided supervision to up and coming psychologists as well as saw a wide range of clients. I have since moved to Minnesota, where I am focusing on my online practice, in order to reach clients all over the country and globe.

In addition to my psychological practice, I have taught psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate level. I have a strong passion for teaching, and have found many rewarding moments in preparing students for the professional world.

I put to good use my extensive experience in psychological testing of children, adolescents, and adults. I provide a full battery of testing that includes intelligence, personality, projective, diagnostic, and neuropsychological screening. This testing can be used to help parents, teachers, and students understand academic underachievement and discover possible learning disorders. Testing can also identify other diagnoses and determine appropriate treatment plans, as well as uncover difficulties in the areas of memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning, judgment, problem-solving, spatial, and language functions.

To advance personal growth, testing can explain misunderstood personality tendencies and help with self-discovery and insight.

I fully explain all testing results to you, and give you a copy of my report in order to assist you with a complete understanding of your behavior, personality, and capabilities.

I also conduct therapy with children, adolescents, families, and parents. I have spent the majority of my career and training devoted to aiding families overcome their difficulties. As a parent, as well as a professional, I have found parenting to be the most challenging and rewarding job one can face. We all encounter struggles as a parent and I’m here to work with your family in order to improve your communication, relationships, and quality of life.


In addition, I am certified in The Kazdin Method of the Yale Parenting Center, part of Yale University This is a program created to help parents learn strategies to deal with a variety of parenting issues, ranging from minor to severe and is based upon years of research. Every child I meet is unique and comes with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. I work with parents to help their children grow into responsible and dependable children. I provide parents with the tools they need to assist their children in listening, getting along with others, and solving problems without resorting to tantrums, whining, or even violence.

Personal Life

In my personal life, I enjoy reading, exercise, snowboarding, and traveling. My favorite thing to do is to play with my 3 children and my dog as well as spend time with my husband.

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