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By Your Side Throughout Life’s Journey

Hello, my name is Dr. Elizabeth Schnobrich and I am a licensed psychologist. I am a trained professional, dedicated to help you where ever you are on your journey.

If you or a loved one need parenting help or individual therapy, I am here for you. I am very experienced in providing individual therapy for individuals, including children, adolescents, and adults. We work together as a team to help you overcome your distinct difficulties. My goal is to help you achieve better self-understanding and reach your full potential.



Elizabeth Schnobrich

I am currently based in Minnesota, but my professional career has spanned the globe. I have worked in a variety of settings with a multitude of different clients. I am trained as a clinical psychologist, with specialities in individual therapy, family therapy and parent coaching.

I went into the field of psychology because I have a passion for helping others. Based on my many years of experience, I have garnered several techniques that help my clients gain the psychological calmness and balance they seek.

I have spent the majority of my career and training devoted to aiding families overcome their difficulties. As a parent, as well as a professional, I have found parenting to be the most challenging and rewarding job one can face. We all encounter struggles as a parent and I’m here to work with your family in order to improve your communication, relationships, and quality of life. Whether you are going through a difficult transition stage with your child, extreme behavioral problems, or anything in between, I am here to help. I provide concrete, step-by-step strategies for parenting your unique child in the most effective ways possible, using proven methods.

You’re not alone. Reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Services I Offer


During our lifetime, several emotional issues sneak their ways into one corner of our hearts and refuse to die down. They feed on our weaknesses and with time, grow to become emotional tumors that negatively impact our daily life such as concentration, self-esteem, sleep, relationships, etc. At times, these tumors can grow out of control and end up chaining us down, creating problems in our professional and home life. That shouldn’t be.

My therapeutic methods are quick and efficient, designed to help you overcome these issues and get you back on track to enjoying life to it’s fullest.

Parent Coaching

You keep repeating yourself a thousand times a day. Timeouts, bribes, and threats – you’ve tried them all to get your children to behave responsibly, but sadly, nothing to show for it.

At this point, you’re stranded and don’t know what to do next – you constantly worry that it’s only going to get worse. That is where parent coaching comes in.

Parent coaching is a completely judgment-free, confidential support to help you parent at your best – even when things are at their worst.

Who Are My Services For?

Nobody is above or bigger than psychological breakdown, which is why my services are open to all and sundry.


Almost everyone seeks the support of psychotherapy at some point in their lives. The assistance of a skilled and caring therapist comes along with many juicy benefits. While these benefits vary from person to person, just the beginning phases of psychotherapy can help ease some of the isolation we all feel when confronted with difficulties in our lives and help us onto a cleaner path free from anxiety, depression and trauma.


Couples and romantic partners seek psychotherapy for many reasons and at many different stages of their lives, even when they are not experiencing any overt difficulties. Some seek the psychotherapy to strengthen their bond, relate with more ease or prepare for the next step in their lives together. Others come in crisis, uncertain of their futures, or whether resolution of their problems is even possible.


Truth be told, instilling discipline in children nowadays without spanking can be quite a challenge. Not just that – families are under more pressure and stress then ever before.

While our family lives can be tremendously gratifying and enriching, they can also become a source of tension, especially during periods of stress or conflict.

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By Your Side Throughout Life's Journey

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